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Outsourcing software development has already become a widespread practice, beloved by Western companies, including technological giants like Google or Facebook, and startup companies.

IT outsourcing development saves resources by assigning certain parts of software development projects to third-party software developers. Also, it gives access to a significant pool of talent worldwide, making it possible to hire dedicated software development teams or standalone tech specialists faster and cheaper.

Yet, this is just the most well-known fact about outsourcing software development. Truth be told, there are numerous other reasons to outsource IT processes. Besides, each type of IT outsourcing, as well as the country to outsource to has its specifics.

For instance, outsourcing software development to Ukraine is a popular global trend. The reason for it consists of countless factors, that positively impact overall custom software development.

Ukraine has Europe's biggest and fastest-growing number of IT outsourcing companies, experts, and tech professionals. According to the IT Ukraine Association, for the past few years, the number of IT experts in Lviv has climbed by a third.

For the time being, there are over 200,000 niche-experienced developers in Ukraine. Even though there are many product companies, most of them provide software development as a service in the form of IT outsourcing partnerships for many international companies.

Still, it is not the final list of reasons for outsourcing software development to Ukraine.

Specifics Of Outsourcing Software Development To Ukraine

The full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war has shown, that despite all the challenges, Ukrainian software developers have all the technical skills to deal with them. One example is the compilation of apps that popped up in this war.

Besides, some Ukrainian software products became so well-known and high-quality services, that other countries started cooperation with Ukrainian software developers to create their copies in Western countries. For instance, Estonia and Poland started the development of the Ukrainian governmental mobile application Diia.

This is not the only example of Ukrainian software developers' expertise. To better understand the specifics of outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe or Ukraine, let’s examine some other more general aspects worth considering.

Reasons For Ukrainian Outsourcing IT Services

1. Constantly Developing Ukraine IT Outsourcing

Kyiv and Lviv are the main development centers for outsourcing IT services in Ukraine. Kyiv, as the capital city, provides jobs for almost 50% of developers in Ukraine. Lviv is the second-largest destination.

According to recent research by the Lviv IT Cluster, the annual approximate growth rate of the IT industry here is 20%, and the total number of software developers in Ukraine is around 228,000 individuals. It includes remote dedicated development teams and high-profile individuals like senior developers.

Currently, Lviv is home to more than 500 Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies, that provide jobs for more than 30,000 app developers for hire. Incora is one of these IT vendors, and we are constantly growing.

Ukraine IT outsourcing is considered to be one of the most popular fields among Ukrainian developers. This results in the constant growth of IT outsourcing companies, startups, and specialties, including not only software engineers, but also business analysis specialists, QA software testing experts, hardware designers, and many others.

2. Numerous Ukraine Software Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing in Ukraine proposes countless software development as a service options:

More than 4000 Ukraine software outsourcing companies offer white-label app development and other developer collaboration approaches.

Despite an impressive number, the quality isn’t compromised – the Ukrainian offshore software development teams cemented their places in global charts and top lists as you can easily check on Clutch, GoodFirms, or any other tech industry review platform.

It is worth noting, that almost all Ukrainian software developers have an intermediate and higher level of English skills. Hence, you get not only a well-done job but also direct and transparent communication with no language barriers, which makes it easier to keep a manageable team on Outsourcing.

3. Skilled and Flexible Ukrainian Developers

As the demand for tech talent increases, more and more people enter tech faculties. It is stated that there are more than 20,000 tech graduates in various educational institutions each year and there is a distinct tendency that this number will grow in the coming years.

Additionally, numerous Ukraine IT outsourcing companies provide different courses and trainee positions. During the internship, young app developers for hire get a chance to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Usually, after 3 months of intense training, the best students are offered a position as junior engineers in an offshore software development team. Moreover, Ukrainian developers are familiar with multiple software development as a service models, which is another reason for outsourcing in Ukraine.

Hiring dedicated development teams is not the only approach for Ukraine software outsourcing. For illustration, there is no outsourcing vs outstaffing opposition: most companies are proposing both services, depending on the customer needs and requirements.

Ukrainian universities actively cooperate with the Ukrainian IT Cluster and continuously introduce new tech programs. Many Ukrainian cities also have their IT clusters. A significant number of tech events are being organized, including IT Arena, iForum, JEEConf, GDG DevFest, Mobile Beach Conference, IT Weekend Ukraine, Agile EE Conference, and others.

Such events create a great platform for knowledge sharing and discussion of the latest innovations. Ukrainian IT companies don’t stop at internal conferences but expand on the global level, representing our remote software development teams and experts on various skills-sharing sites, like Web Summit.

All the foregoing conferences and events play important role in creating a friendly and active community for developers in Ukraine. It also impacts outsourcing software development to Ukraine by allowing business owners from all around the globe to visit conferences and evaluate the average level of software development experience and services, proposed by Ukraine software outsourcing companies.

4. Recognition of Outsourcing in Ukraine

During the last few years, Ukraine gained significant recognition as a global outsourcing IT services provider. Many Ukrainian companies cited in Global Outsourcing 100 by IAOP included on the list demonstrated outstanding excellence and were judged on five critical characteristics: size and growth, customer references, certifications, programs for innovation, and corporate social responsibility.

Clutch, a data-driven platform that contains unbiased reviews, placed many companies, known for outsourcing software development to Ukraine among top providers in various categories. The clutch lets business owners compare software outsourcing companies and their solutions in a specific market, to see each company’s efficiency.

Besides, A.T. Kearney, a global management consulting firm, placed Ukraine among the top 50 countries by the volume of outsourcing activities like custom software development services and hiring developers for startups.

5. Reasons to Outsource in Ukraine: Cost and Quality Ratio

It’s not a secret that one of the main reasons to Outsource IT, as well as one of the major fears, is the cost and quality ratio.

Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies offer great and compatible solutions for reasonable outsourcing rates and prices. They cannot be compared to the hourly rate of Western European countries or US developers, making it more similar to outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe.

The majority of Ukrainian tech companies got used to remote communication and cooperation. Despite a lower rate, than in other countries, Ukrainian tech is innovative. This is easily proved by the outlook of all Ukrainian innovations that became world-known projects.

6. Full-Fledged Outsourced Package

The Ukrainian IT market is constantly expanding. As software development outsourcing remains very popular, a lot of companies choose experienced, well-priced, and committed freelancers from Ukraine, who have shown themselves as reliable partners with affordable rates.

The Ukrainian IT market has already shown great results and a tendency to grow not only in terms of peaceful and patient conditions but also during the Russian-Ukrainian war. Taking into account all the preceding reasons for outsourcing in Ukraine:

  • cost and quality ratio,
  • skilled professionals,
  • a vast talent pool,
  • the overall financial and economic situation worldwide,

we can conclude that outsourcing software development to Ukraine allows you to avoid extra spending, still gaining a high-quality product with the whole package under the hood.

In addition to outsourced software development, our dedicated development teams propose some additional services like team extension, product maintenance after its publication, experience in working with different industries, and great tech expertise. Also, Ukraine is a great destination for hiring developers for startups.

IT Outsourcing With Incora Software

Summing up all the above, we should admit, that when it comes to reasons for outsourcing IT processes, the country, you are considering for outsourcing, is just a general concept, which includes various statistics and indicators, which are mainly common for different software development vendors.

Eventually, you are looking to hire a dedicated software development team, not a country. Therefore, it is important to take into account different location and region specifics, yet is it just the first step of outsourcing software development. hiring dedicated development teams requires research and thorough planning.

Lucky for you, you’re already here. To prove our point, we propose you check our case studies for a better understanding of the Incora context, and only when you are sure, that we are the ones, whom you have been looking for all this time - contact us to discuss all the details of your project ideas.

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