Software development in Ukraine: Which innovations became well-known?

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Entering the 2022 year, after the stock-taking our year achievements in Incora, we’ve noticed how software development in Ukraine has grown. The number of successful projects made by Ukrainian developers was raised on a worldwide scale. Ukraine has a strong tech industry that is continually expanding, delivering innovative products and services to the public that become incredibly beneficial and bring value. As statistics say, Ukraine’s IT services industry is now rising exponentially by 20-25 percent. To fulfill the growing worldwide need for software development and maintenance services, there are over 200,000 specialists available.

Thus, we have decided to highlight some of the breakthroughs that had become widely known during a few past years. And we are pleased to note that our team contributed to this list.

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Even though some of the innovative solutions progressed towards global scaling, because of the extra funding and infrastructure offered abroad, however, not many know that these ideas were initially developed by Ukrainian developers. Hence, let’s begin the overview.


Probably one of the very few projects that are known to be founded by Ukrainians. Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn created a user-friendly tool to detect people’s misprints, define mistakes in the texts, and check spelling along with grammar. Grammarly is built with Artificial Intelligence development based on machine learning. By implementing various multiple grammar rules and error patterns, Grammarly AI learns how to identify these specified situations in the users’ texts. At first, Grammarly was an autonomous tool, but it evolved into an extension, available on different browsers, apps, and Operating Systems. Despite being a spellchecker, it is also a plagiarism detector applied. So, we might say that currently, Grammarly is a writing assistant, that covers up all needs related to text creation.

To keep up to date, and represent the modern language with correct orthography, the system is often updated with additions as well as more complex structures, which were impossible to apply earlier.


While the founders of this analytical platform are located in Israel, the development role was performed by our Incora team on outsourcing from Ukraine. The main concept of the platform is to facilitate the statistics conducted on DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) within the Cryptocurrency Financial Systems. In addition to enhancing the DeepDao platform’s fundamental functional pages, we introduced important services that allow users to explore DAO recommendations, voting patterns, decentralization levels, member engagement, and expansion.

Even though DeepDao is prominent inside the particular niche, with the growth of cryptocurrency usage and DAOs overall, the platform would evolve in the future within wider circles. For that purpose, the Incora team is still working on the improvements for DeepDao, which will enable users to vote for various DAOs and their investment assumptions, as well as find similar DAOs.

Learn more about our part in Deep Dao development.


It was a startup that entered Silicon Valley with its business plan and exploded increasingly in size. GitLab was founded by Ukrainians Zaporozhets’ and Sizov and began with a few entirely remote employees and has grown to over a thousand people in 45 countries.

Briefly said, GitLab is an alternative to GitHub, namely an open-source software development solution that includes application testing, refactoring, continuous integration, and delivery, but with some additional benefits, such as private repositories for free subscriptions. It is a system for implementation of DevOps processes, which is increasing dramatically on a worldwide scale, emerging from software development in Ukraine.


An American project implemented in Ukraine by our Incora team. The main idea was to create a tool, that would complement all the parts of the writing process. Authors, writers, or just anybody that is keen on writing use this online tool to facilitate drafting, and generate prompts for other writers, to help them come up with great stories. With the easy-to-use interface, Squibler’s users can organize their ideas into fully-fledged books.

This intuitive software boosts the writings of the various authors around the world, as a unique, to a certain extent, solution.

Check Squibler’s tech stack and functionality overview.

Ajax Systems

Oleksandr Konotopskyi aimed to design a sophisticated remote security system. Ajax Systems was born as a result of this, and it is a multimillion-dollar global firm, demonstrating to the rest of the globe that software development in Ukraine can outperform even the most fervent global corporations.

Ajax Systems has a distinct feature, that distinguishes it from other wireless security systems – it employs cellular connectivity as well as broadband internet to transmit alerts. If one of the lines has difficulty, Ajax immediately shifts to another.


Based in Saudi Arabia, restaurants chain Burgerizzr developed its delivery app with Incora’s help. When we started our cooperation, there were just a few fast-foods on the Arabian market, but now they expanded extremely quickly utilizing software development in Ukraine.

Building both desktop and mobile versions, we created a simple in usage app, with multiple APIs for wider functionality. Burgerizzr app has real-time tracking of orders and lets the user do everything online, omitting unnecessary calls and verifications.

Take a look at the project outlook.


Preply is a Ukrainian-founded education firm. Preply’s goal is to make it easier for users to study languages by offering a comprehensive platform. The pandemic aided the startup’s growth by causing a great number of people to use such kinds of tools, which offer a remote education. Now, Preply is available in 15 languages, with around 10,000 teachers and 100,000 learners from 160 countries now using it.

Its features allow you to select the best time in your calendar, arrange classes, and communicate with your teacher in real-time. Preply offers native video conference software, although students and teachers can use any communication route they want. And machine learning is used to rank tutors depending on personal profiles.


One of the projects that we developed with our Incora team, and is a valuable contribution to the legal market. As a unique alternative to the official website from American Government, PriorNotify is a platform for creating prior notices (legal reporting needed for the beverage shipment into the US). Founders decided to create such a solution since the official one has an outdated UI and complicated structure. So, PriorNotify was made user-friendly, with a simple transparent process for the shippers, who implement import.

Each of the platform’s 3 types of users (producers, shippers, and merchants) can submit relevant papers, check if they’ve been confirmed, and also trace the delivery process autonomously.

Learn what’s inside the PriorNotify.


Enviaya is a global logistic company with offices that are based in Mexico and Chile. A part of the full service provided by Enviaya is plug-ins for the shipment, and this part of software development was performed by Incora.

At first, the company only had a working prototype of the Magento1 plug-in, which had limited capabilities. Our team improved capabilities and began developing Magento2, OpenCart, Prestashop, and Woocommerce plug-ins. Now, EnviaYa is able to boost the number of delivery options and customer experience. Especially it’s useful for the online-shop keepers (main category of users) that wish to manage their shipment as well as notify their customers about the delivery options to offer them a transparent choice.

Plug-ins allow consumers to select the most appropriate shipping provider from a list of options. After choosing a shipping company, the user purchases an item and receives a unique order id that allows them to trace their delivery. Hence, besides eCommerce support, EnviaYa plug-ins offer complex filtration and real-time tracking.

See more about Enviaya plug-ins implementation.


Depositphotos is a global photo archive and one of Ukraine’s leading product enterprises. In a few years from the foundation, it became a stock image marketplace. Depositphotos now contains millions of stock photos, movies, and graphics upon each genre and subject possible.

For the core functionality, namely the search and generation of different media by the keywords, Depositphotos apply machine learning and AI, especially Neural Networks. As a result, the user can download media in various formats, from vectors to pdf.

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To wrap up

Ultimately, given the fact that Ukrainian developers are known to offer great quality for the medium price, the Ukrainian tech industry appears to be expanding by leaps and bounds. However, once you do select to partner with Ukrainian developers or a firm, conduct thorough research: check out their portfolio, ask them details on what matters to your business, chat to former clients, observe their staff, learn if they have similar projects and what do they can offer to you. Make your choice wisely.

Since 2015, we’ve created strategic alliances with multiple medium and large-scale enterprises, as well as a number of worldwide industry leaders. As the modern world suggests a large number of inventions that should improve people’s lives, we would be delighted to incorporate new ideas into the market on behalf of your businesses’ name. Furthermore, on Clutch, Incora was named one of the top companies providing software development in Ukraine. Thus, let’s just contact and find points of convergence.

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