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The implementation of Quality Assurance Testing brings the highest quality to the products. This is an integral element of the development process, which fully merits all the incurred resources.


Why do you need QA & Testing?


Eliminated defects of the software.

All operations that verify that a product is of excellent quality and satisfies particular specifications are referred to as quality assurance. So the prior goal of such a service is to detect and resolve any bugs that might aggravate user experience.


Reduction in costs on amendments during production.

Prior to release, QA engineers work on discovering faults in created code samples. And since the productions are permitted just the qualitative ones, you can invest less on further updates and adjustments.


High-quality product for the end-users.

With Quality Assurance Testing there is a higher chance of creating software that would deliver a great user experience, but wouldn’t display bugs or interrupt the screen session. This leads to user satisfaction and more revenue.

Best suited for…

Long-term Projects


Multi-layered Products

Sophisticated Functionality

Workflow set-up



Requirements Determination

You outline the idea, describe functionalities and the complexity of the future product. At this stage, we estimate further work and conduct research on your development strategies. Considering that QA’s contribution is focused on the collation of the product with target needs, we conduct a thorough exploration.



Defining the Strategy

Following the requirements analysis, QA determines the project's deliverables, scope, and aim, as well as the accountable roles and testing environment. So the testing wouldn’t be full of unanticipated challenges and contingencies, the strategy planning should be comprehensive.



Development & Execution

The Quality Assurance itself includes the detailed testing of each functionality. We generate test cases and set up a test environment. A test case is a series of actions that must be followed to ensure that the software is bug-free and satisfies the criteria.



QA Report

After the product has been thoroughly tested, it's time to examine the whole process, and whether or not QA should report to the development team. If errors are identified, each of them must be recorded to facilitate quick bug fixes and avoid misconceptions for the developers.

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Is testing required for each and every software application?

Certainly. Quality assurance testing is essential to the performance of any software product. Without appropriate QA, the odds of success are greatly reduced.

What is described in the Test Plan?

If the software comprises bugs, does it mean that the developers are unqualified?

Is testing conducted during or after development?

What is Beta Testing?

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