How Russian Invasion is going to influence the Ukrainian IT Sector

March 01, 2022 • 276 Views • 9 min read

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Bohdan Vasylkiv

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On the 24th of February putin's regime reached the peak of the conflict’s aggravation and has evolved to the military invasion across multiple Ukrainian cities. During the next few days, russian forces have blown up military objects all over the country, and continued to fire upon the civilians. The harm caused by putin’s army is horrific. Nevertheless, Ukrainian troops fight off each and every meter of our land to keep our territorial integrity. United, with support from almost the whole world, Ukrainians take a stand for peace and diplomatic relations. We have already obtained massive economic sanctions for russia from the civilized world. Thus, we hope that this war will end as soon as possible, without any more loss from our side.

However, while the russian invasion is still happening, escalating, and the humanitarian crisis is at stake, as we are representing the booming Ukrainian IT sector, we cannot stand aside. Our Incora Team decided to pronounce itself regarding the influence that the War could bring to the IT Sector and Business itself. We would like to outline the possible outcomes, as well as current actual actions from the IT Army. Hence, let’s begin with the major question.

How Huge Could Be The Influence From The russian-Ukrainian War?

Indeed, the effect of the russian invasion is enormous for both sides of the conflict. Even though the negotiation process has been launched, and hopefully the peaceful alignment will be signed up, meanwhile, the fighting rages on. Taking that into account, the outcome for russia seems irreversible.

Damage inflicted on russia

From the first day of the war escalation, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy was struggling to make world leaders recognize putin’s military aggression and legitimately restrict russia from any kind of partnerships around the globe. Step-by-step, starting from financial measures for particular individuals and organizations, and ending up with a package of crippling sanctions. The most discussed package of sanctions include the Blanket Ban on russian flights from the European Union, the Ban on SWIFT operations, and Germany’s halt certification of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Besides the political and financial measures, world communities have been excluding russians from numerous industries. For example, they no longer participate in Eurovision, and they are also not able to play in FIFA matches. Gradually, as the truth about the war is spreading, russia is becoming increasingly distant from the whole globe, with responsibility for its aggression.

Result of Ukrainian rebelling

The more Ukrainian people antagonize, the more world sees our worthiness. Help comes from different industries, supporting both civilians and our army. Now, multiple countries all over the various continents are accepting Ukrainian refugees and offering humanitarian help. Meanwhile, EU members and the USA send weapons and means of defense. Ukrainian troops are becoming stronger in response to the russian invasion.

As a result, European Union accepted Ukraine as a candidate of the EU, which will reinforce our economy and let the Ukrainian business grow in the future.

Surely, Ukrainians provide a huge contribution to different markets worldwide with our great minds. Let alone other industries, just in software development, there are multiple examples of successful projects made by Ukrainian developers, for instance, Grammarly, GitLab, DeepDao, Ajax Systems, and so on. Thus, we need to ensure that Ukrainians are able to fulfill their craziest ideas into reality, in order to fully contribute to the world’s market.

Even though the military actions changed life in Ukraine for businesses, there lot's apps, services, and products that have emerged in this war context. 

What Actions Does The IT Army Of Ukraine Undertake?

Different kinds of help are coming from various sides. And exploiting the nurtured IT Army is one of the major means that should be used by Ukrainians during the ongoing war. Gathered by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, developers and IT specialists merged to fight on their personal informational front. Using multiple channels, like Telegram chats, Twitter pages, or Gmail (the main is -, people name the call-outs for particular tasks and cooperate to conduct them. Mainly these tasks include shutting down the RF government websites, popularization of actual footage of what’s happening in Ukraine, DDoS attacks, and many other IT operations, that might somehow limit disinformation among russians, or frighten their government with the possibility to share classified information. Cyberwarfare from the Ukrainian side is already picking up traction as a response to russian actions. And taking off major Ukrainian government and financial websites were among them.

What is Incora’s position?

We are certain that the truth is on the Ukrainian side, and all the heroes that protect our country in hotspots will save our motherland from invaders. But, our Incora Team is not standing aside from this cyber warfare and the war itself. We split up to be of maximum usefulness in the situation. The sales and marketing team is working on exposing fake information about the war, and providing the full objective truth to our partners/clients. At the same time, the biggest department of our team - developers, are fighting disinformation their way: by shutting down the news channels with propaganda and taking down the government websites that engender the invading military forces.

Furthermore, as our team is fully committed to Ukrainian folk, everyone is taking personal participation in different types of volunteering. Some of us buy medicaments or provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with humanitarian assistance, others volunteer for local patrols, and a few of us is helping to equip shelters. Even though we are divided into small groups to be more productive in various phases, we are all united and driven by patriotism.

How Can You Help?

Despite the fact that the whole world is already supporting Ukraine in this war, we are eager to bring even more publicity to this matter. #StandwithUkraine is no longer an ordinary hashtag, it is a civil position of people around the globe. And if you endeavor to help Ukraine fight such an absurdity that is happening in our homes, with our land and business, we encourage you to stand with us.

There are multiple ways you can help. Just pick the option that is most convenient and possible for you - and make a step against violence, but forward democracy!

Here is the list of possible options:

  • Donate (On supplies for the military, Medical supplies, Helping the volunteers, Helping children affected by war, International fundraisers, Cryptoсurrencies.)
  • Sign a petition opposing russian aggression
  • Write letters directly to the authorities
  • Post on social media to raise awareness around the war
  • Join a protest in your city
  • Follow official sources of information to keep up with the actual news
  • Volunteer in cybersecurity initiatives

More detailed information on each way of support you can find on the official website.

Beyond that, we urge medium and small businesses, huge corporations, and startups to stop collaborating with invaders. Take an example from global giants like Google, Meta, BP, Equinor, Daimler Truck, and others, which limit their business operations FOR russians and IN russia. 

Stop cooperation with russian business, and support Ukrainian!

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