Team Extension services

Alongside the core functional team, the acquisition of additional human resources would cover up the needed gaps and accelerate the development workflow. So the functionality expansion of your application requires an extensive search for dedicated team members.


Why do you need a Team Extension?


The possibility to select skilled talents.

By choosing team extension members separately for each additional process or technology, you can have the pleasure to filter out various experts from different sources and combine them all together. This way you can generate the strong synergy of great minds for the preferable outcome.


This model is run by flexibility.

The main concept of this model is to build on the option to extend your team with other specialists, and it provides flexibility. Mainly, such agility appears because the team extension model doesn’t require in-house long-term cooperation, so you can change the team members through the development stages.


Process distribution improves the results.

Since every team member is going to be responsible for the particular functionality/technology/process, you will get a far more distinct performance than you can get from a few developers covering all the workflow.

Pros of our Development Team


We know how to adapt development and technologies to the relevant market.


Top 10% Ukrainian tech specialists are working at Incora.


Incora's developers are open to direct communication and management.


All our team members are certified with B2 English level and are used to multinational teams.


We value legal guarantees for both sides by signing up for NDA and other agreements.

Why trust us?

Experts to choose from
Years of experience
Projects successfully delivered
Nice-experienced developers
Our Tech Stack

How to choose between Team Extension Service & Dedicated Team?

Team ExtensionDedicated Team
  • With the extended team approach, your current workforce is supplemented. They will have to follow the systems, resources, and processes already used by the internal team.
  • If you are low on employees and are also dealing with a deadline that is pressing, expanding your team is also a great solution.
  • As your internal team doesn’t need to be replaced, extended teams are significantly less expensive and more cost-effective overall. This may significantly increase productivity while also keeping your spending in check.
  • Hiring an extended development team fits if you don’t have the necessary internal resources and no specialists on hand.

Our team extension services for…

A project which requires additional implementations

Team with the need of specified specialist

The product focused on high-level performance

Long-Lasting Solutions

Projects with ambiguous requirements

Workflow set-up



Requirements establishment

First, we discuss your goals, ways, and means of development, along with figuring out the product details. This way we could better estimate what you need on the ongoing stage and which team members would bring the major value.



Screening for the most qualified candidates

With the understanding of all the requirements, we offer you the most suitable solutions as well as the most qualified developers for the particular processes. At this stage, you should manage which team members will complement already existing ones to create a great result.



Integration into the project’s workflow.

Adaptation into the established workflow is an important part of this service since the developers’ work depends on the comprehension of the full product’s objectives.



Continuing development for a solid outcome.

When the previous stages are passed, you get a reliable team member, that will be integrating personal skills and talents into your product. Here starts the development process itself, which could vary from project to project.

Scale your team with us

Access top relevant candidates

Fill in gaps in your development team

Delegate Management & HR

Create a Competitive Product

Our Cases




Parcelfrog is an online service that instantly compares the cheapest and most reliable couriers to meet specific needs of every user.


Amazon EC2
Amazon Web Services
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What is Team Extension?

The Team Extension approach entails providing additional programmers or specialists to help the project remotely or at the customer's location. In our company, we provide qualified team members on remote, which could become a solution for the additional features or technologies implementation.

Who will be in charge of the team members?

How much should I budget to hire a Team Extension developer?

Is it possible to swap one resource for another?

Get everything you need for the project initiation.

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