Can ChatGPT Replace Other Virtual Assistant Software?

May 17, 2023 • 709 Views • 13 min read

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The appearance of ChatGPT made a lot of noise. It is impossible to argue, that such technological solutions will affect the overall trends in our society and other industries, especially the IT sphere.

Frankly speaking, the discussion on the role of Artificial intelligence in our lives and how such technologies can change them appeared a long time before these recent events. Clearly, ChatGPT is one of many representations of neural networks and AI potential. Still, it became extremely crucial and so important, that in just a few months, the alternatives to ChatGPT started to arise.

Most of us probably have already tried the functionality of GPT3 technology, and some of us are most likely using this application on an everyday basis now. Plainly speaking, the overall great user experience and the number of various features and services, proposed by ChatGPT, make this technology beloved by a number of various potential users. To add some more, the results, which ChatGPT shows, are so amazing, that it almost immediately resulted in discussions and apprehensiveness that ChatGPT will replace humans in different fields.

For instance, it can not only write human-like responses in text format with the use of a natural language processing model but is also able to use various programming languages and write code samples for different functionality. This is why a lot of different experts stated, that it has all the possibilities not only to become a full-fledged text and content generation tool but also to discuss whether will AI replace software engineers. To add some more, the extended functionality and constant improvements like an announced GPT4 technology, the comparison between ChatGPT vs Virtual Assistant Software arose.

In order to do the i’s and cross the t’s and answer which of these fears have a right to even exist, let’s consider the context and the details first.

ChatGPT vs Virtual Assistant Software: The Difference

First thing first, let’s agree on the terms.

ChatGPT is a conversational AI, based on machine learning algorithms, with the capability to self-education and learn from conversations with the users. It is possible to say, that it belongs to the virtual assistant software solutions field, i.e. can be used for personal purposes by the users, to automate or simplify some of the daily tasks.

Virtual assistant, on the other hand, is a much more general concept, which includes different software solutions and their implementation in everyday life, which aims to somehow help the users to make their routine easier, manage various aspects, and perform other administrative tasks.

Originally, this role was performed by humans, yet thanks to the recent innovations in the field of AI and the appearance of various AI-driven bots, the term virtual assistant is also related to software applications like Siri or SAM.

Summing up all the above, ChatGPT can be identified both as a part of the virtual assistant sphere, as well as the virtual assistant artificial intelligence itself, depending on the context of its usage.

One of the other crucial features of this specific software is the fact, that it has built-in implementation possibilities like ChatGPT API. In other words, it can be adopted within other software services or applications after a few steps and agreements with its developers, OpenAI. This creates prosperity to use ChatGPT not only as a standalone application but to combine it with other IT products, extending their functionality. For instance, thanks to a high level of collaboration and implementation features, AI changed the mobile application industry. Still, there are some crucial ChatGPT limitations and drawbacks, which narrow down its possible use cases.

ChatGPT Limitations

Despite all the approaches to use ChatGPT for various purposes, it has at least one specific, which significantly narrows down the number of use cases.

To cut a long story short, we are talking about its chatbot nature. To rephrase it, its main function is to generate text, regardless of whether it is pain text or code samples. As a result, contrary to previously mentioned voice assistants artificial intelligence like Siri, SAM, or Alexa, it doesn’t have enough capacity to perform a range of tasks like making orders, adjustments within the calendar, etc.

In other words, ChatGPT functionality narrows down to communication with the user through the text-only format, and all the available tasks are also limited to the text-only approach. For illustration, all the foregoing virtual assistance alternatives to ChatGPT can recognize human speech and reply to voice commands and make required adjustments in other applications, to which they have access.

How Virtual Assistants Can Use ChatGPT

Despite all the differences between different AI-powered virtual assistant solutions, it is still impossible to claim an obvious winner, when comparing ChatGPT vs Virtual Assistant Software due to the fact, that they exist and are used in different conditions. Therefore, instead of contrasting these technologies, it will be more productive to switch the attention to their collaboration possibilities. To put it in another way, the best results are reachable thanks to the cooperation of these technologies.

The mix of ChatGPT and other virtual personal assistants helps to cover their drawbacks, as well as to increase the functionality of each software solution.

For instance, ChatGPT can be used by Siri for writing answers to questions in a written text, instead of voice operations.

cta-banner (3).png

Additionally, it gives a chance to write text on demand or be used for a quick response to letters by setting the specifics of what to write in the email. In other words, it allows to use of all the features of chatGPT in more convenient ways like operating it with voice commands or giving multiple requests for different purposes with the use of third parties.

Frankly speaking, the number of useful purposes for such combinations of different virtual assistants is countless. For example, it can be used for:

  • Creating a draft of a document
  • Making detailed notes
  • Writing down various plans like places to visit
  • Performing brief research on the topic. However, it is worth mentioning that ChatGPT has a limited database, on which it operates. Moreover, some parts of this data are outdated. Thus, it is better to verify the information once again just to be sure it is correct.

Nevertheless, despite the variety of ways how to use virtual assistants can use ChatGPT, we have to remember, that this variety is limited by different fields and industries. Yet, it can be used for text generation only, at least for now.

Will ChatGPT Replace Executive Assistant Software

It is also worth talking about the role of this chatbot in the field of executive assistant software.

What is Executive Assistant Software?

To make a long story short, it is a software solution, used by various assistants and managers to perform various simple tasks. This includes scheduling, making appointments, managing various assignments, making plans, etc.

In other words, this type of software is mainly used for the administration and performing simple management and communication duties. Therefore, there is a wide range of different software applications, which can be counted as the list of executive assistant software, depending on the usage purposes. For instance, it can be Grammarly for correct spelling, Zoom or Google Meets for meetings and appointments, Notion for making notes, and many others. Thus, there are at least two answers to the question “Will ChatGPT replace executive assistant software”:

  • The short answer is no, it won’t due to its limitations and use cases, described before.
  • The long answer, though, is more arguable.

Actually, it is hard to predict how will AI improvement will affect the field of executive assistants. For instance, the combination of ChatGPT and other virtual assistants creates prosperity for innovative solutions, which can forever change the world. Yet, it is still hard to believe, that artificial intelligence will ever replace humans because it still has a lot of various limitations and imperfections, which significantly decrease the variety and functionality of such technologies, making them rather a great additional tool to simplify life, than a full-fledged employee, who can perform basic tasks instead of a human.

What Is the Future of ChatGPT?

Eventually, it is time to talk about the potential future of this technology.

Clearly, at the very beginning, this chatbot has shown impressive results and impacted the overall AI market, making it extremely popular and worth attention. Additionally, it appeared just in time with the other examples of virtual assistant artificial intelligence like MidJourney, which is capable of transforming text into an image.

To be honest, all these recent AI use cases have chosen an ideal popularization approach, allowing third parties to use them as implementations within other software applications thanks to an open-source business model. It is hard to name exact numbers, yet is obvious that just 2 of these AI examples significantly helped to boost the artificial intelligence market and propose various AI-as-a-Service solutions and built-in features of an app.

However, it also makes it hard to predict the potential future of these technologies, whether they stay on top, or will be replaced by more modern and complex AI technologies, that will replace them thanks to the extended functionality.

The only fact we are convinced of is that it is never too late to start developing your own ideal software product with the help of a dedicated team. Still, before rushing into the software development process, it is worth counting all the pros and cons, estimating your future project, choosing the tech stack, and, finally, finding a team of software engineers.

Fortunately, we can help you with all of these processes, so all you need to do - is to contact us. In order to check our level of expertise, you can also always check our case studies for a better understanding of our overall experience.

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