Dedicated Team

Assigning the dedicated team for the full cycle of the development process you get a business model that fulfills your demands on a long-term basis. Specialists are gathered by your project’s specific requirements to compliment the product performance.


Why do you need a Dedicated Team?


Flexible scope of work with the possibility to change requirements.

Since the dedicated team is the one that covers up all your needs related to the product launch, changes are included in the ordinary workflow. During the process, you might notice gaps in the functionality, and adjust the development, which is a part of the great outcome.


Team members clearly understand the objectives.

Dedicated team members would share your values, understand the core idea of the product and clearly define the goals. This is crucial for cooperation.


Full management of the whole team.

Unlike the other models, this one implies the management of the whole team, but not the separate members of it gathered from different sources. This way you can get better communication, which leads to the easier implementation of the sprints.

Best suited for…

Early-stage startups

Projects with ambiguous requirements

Long-term projects

Products from scratch

Workflow set-up



Project Estimation

Relying on the features necessary to target we determine the scope of work. The next thing to do is to estimate the development time needed for each sprint on the backend and frontend. And with this data, we calculate the time and cost of the idea.



Compiling the Team Members

Depending on the project specifics we assemble specialists in different spaces for great synergy. The team should be ready to work tightly together towards the common purpose. This stage could rely on the overall success of the project.



Integration into the Idea

We conduct a few calls in order to let the team members delve into the values, objectives, and means. The dedicated team needs to know everything because from their involvement everything is at stake.



Continuing Development for a Solid Outcome

When the previous stages are passed, you get reliable team members that will be integrating personal skills and talents into your product. Here starts the development process itself, which could vary from project to project.

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What does a dedicated team mean?

It's a business model that refers to a long-term arrangement in which the client receives software development professionals. These experts are picked based on the needs of the client and work exclusively on a particular project.

How can you tell if a Dedicated Team Model is right for your project?

Would I be a part of the selection process?

How do I know my remote team is putting in 40 hours each week?

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