Rise Variety of Online Learning Platforms: Best Ideas Review

February 04, 2022 • 485 Views • 13 min read

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The Edtech market is developing with the rising demand for information to study in a virtual environment. People of all ages require a convenient and accelerated way to get both basic knowledges and improve the existing one with advanced material. Because of such a boom in online education – the more possibilities grew, the more options appeared. This caused the development of a variety of Online Learning Platforms, which offer their users multiple services to cover their need to study.

Rapid technology improvements have contributed to the adoption of new-age modalities such as e-learning, mobile learning, blended learning, and gamification. What was once a developing trend is now the new normal as educational institutions see the enormous benefit in harnessing digital technology to improve learning and student development.

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Online education can be live or consist of video content for different purposes and can take place one-on-one or in a group. There are numerous online platforms and mobile apps to select from in a thriving Edtech sector. The classification of e-learning platforms is determined by the criteria that will be used.

Let’s go through the eLearning platforms review, all of the categorization variables and the several sorts of eLearning systems.

Online Learning Platforms: Classification By Types

Online Tutoring Platforms

Online Tutoring Platforms allow instructors, tutors, and students to experiment with different learning formats or make extra money. Various experts share their expertise and talents there. And online students search for instructors based on their job experience, rating, and comments.

The Online Tutoring Platforms cover the full cycle of the process: from looking for a tutor to conducting the lessons. That is why such software should have all the features needed for this model: a dashboard with the information about upcoming and previous lessons, a calendar with the scheduled lessons, a search panel to help tutors and students find each other, a profile page to manage subscription, and personal preferences.

For the Online Tutoring Platforms, you can also build one of the dozens of pricing models, choosing between pay-per-hour/lesson/month, freemium, and other subscription patterns.

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LMS platforms

The most common sort of eLearning software is the LMS (Learning Management System). Today’s versions of LMS platforms automate a variety of processes including enrollment, marketing, tracking, reporting, documentation, assessment, and administration, all while acting as a single, safe destination for all data.

Although the LMS platforms originated in education, this concept has grown in popularity in the business sector. Businesses may optimize their onboarding and training processes for newbies and other workers by using LMS platforms as centralized knowledge bases that offer access to information on corporate goods, compliance rules, and so on.

LMS platforms enable the creation of inspiring and entertaining group or individual courses by including gamification features and integrating various sorts of information. Besides, LMS platforms can involve other various learning methods, not excluding social media online education tools.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) as the name implies, are large-scale, open-access online learning courses featuring interactive material. Massive Open Online Courses provide students convenient access to a large number of learning courses with specified learning goals.

Learning takes place in a classic class environment, with a clear distinction between instructor and student. The learning program includes online classes with class discussions and interactive videos. The majority of the learning on Massive Open Online Courses is video-based, with clearly defined learning objectives and tests to achieve a certificate of completion.

Massive Open Online Courses are either free or chargeable. In most situations, the payment is determined by the type of certificate awarded upon completion of the courses. MOOCs, as is customary, have no time limit. This adaptability enables the inclusion of more students who can mix study with their existing work.

Online Employee Training

Having online employee training in place at a business is a necessary aspect of the job. It aids in the development of employees’ skills and knowledge in order to keep up with industry developments. Business owners and managers may use online employee training to ensure that all the team members are on the same page and have the necessary knowledge. Online employee training involves individual learning path that may be developed based on each worker’s job, experience, and preferred learning rate.

Furthermore, having an online employee training platform makes it simple and cost-effective for firms to produce and deliver staff training resources since they are easily accessible and adaptable.

Learning Experience System (LXPs)

The LXPs are the LMS’s new development path. Instead of the rigidity of LMS courses, learners now have access to carefully customized information based on their current position, credentials, and interests. They may select the material that would assist them to reach their goals at that moment. LXPs also have more enhanced functionalities that can provide a detailed picture of the program’s influence on learning, such as time invested, skills gained, and assessment passing, allowing admins to identify trends and improve course content accordingly. LXPs are user-friendly, naturally simple, and convenient to utilize.

Online Consulting

Consulting services in a wide range of fields, from education to banking, have long been in high demand. And now with online consulting, this sphere has the chance to go worldwide and sell people’s skills or knowledge. Online consulting is relevant for every sector, whether it is financial, real estate, logistics, or any other industry we can think of.

Platforms for online consulting link firms to high-quality, experienced business consultants, and consultation seekers may search for and pick an expert who can understand their needs and work closely with them to meet those needs. Thus, such web spaces with an online consulting focus, create the whole network system between different specialists and make it possible for them to share knowledge conveniently.

Online Learning Platforms: Classification By Studying Formats

Online Group Learning

Collaborative learning offers significant advantages. Online Group Learning is more useful in many subject areas since it allows students to learn while engaging with other learners.

Teachers might provide conferences in which students are requested to offer their thoughts and ideas on a particular topic. As a result of Online Group Learning, students and tutors get a rich group learning experience that feels like they are in a real classroom. Besides, it gives them the opportunity to listen to other thoughts, which develops creative thinking, as well as enhances soft skills.

Proposal-Based Online Learning

This kind of instruction connects students with tutors who can answer their inquiries. Students can come here to post academic queries, homework, or projects. They will receive proposals from verified tutors who are eager to assist them with their questions. Students may choose and hire a tutor after assessing the pricing, feedback, and profile.

The tutor receives money only if the pupils are entirely happy with the tutor’s answer. If students are dissatisfied with the response, they can request a refund within a certain time range.

Such a studying format doesn’t help with the deep exploration of some topics but offers short-term solutions for particular cases. So this would be relevant for everyone requiring specialists’ help as a one-time solution.

One-on-One Learning

Too many students are unable to interact with their professors, causing them to lag behind in class and fail to learn materials. So, a one-on-one type of online education is perfect for students who wish to study a certain topic/subject at their own pace. The one-on-one learning methodology enables students to construct customized lesson plans depending on their needs.

With one-on-one learning, students may understand material quicker, explore more content, and recall their course work. One-on-one learning enables students to take charge of their studies, have the confidence to convey what they require, and receive individualized attention.

Video-Based Learning

Online video is gaining popularity and growth at an incredible rate, so it’s time to swiftly profit from video-based learning.

When we talk about successful learning, four primary aspects come into play, according to a common motivation model. Attention, relevance, confidence, and satisfaction are the four requirements defined by the model. Video-based learning may supply all of these features and hence promotes successful learning.

To implement video-based learning to the software you need an integrated CPaaS. Thus, it’s better to choose a well-known sustainable solution, rather than waste a lot of time and effort by creating one by yourself.

Wrapping Up

With such a large demand for online education in many fields, it is clear that launching online learning platforms would be a highly successful business endeavor in the coming years. Choosing the best eLearning business idea, on the other hand, is a big challenge for business owners. And if you strive to develop your idea into the Edtech giant, like Udemy or Coursera – with some eye-catching and compelling capabilities such as location-based time scheduling, video chat, and gift cards, you can distinguish yourself on the market. 

We are here to help you decide, discuss opportunities, explore possible advanced options, and rise your learning platform. In each case, fill in the contact form and get a custom solution!

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