Top 6 Apps that Should Exist in 2023

April 21, 2023 • 384 Views • 15 min read

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Predicting the future and telling what product will be successful was never an easy task. Yet, it is hard to argue, that when it comes to the IT industry, and especially choosing app ideas to develop, the task becomes easier. Frankly speaking, the more you narrow down and specify the assignment - the easier it becomes.

Nowadays, software application development is one of the most competitive industries. Every day new applications appear and some of them manage to gain success, becoming the most popular and used applications. Usually, people say, that startup app ideas require innovations and new features to be able to compete with the rival apps which already exist. Even more spread statement is that there is no point in trying to conquer highly-competitive fields because the risk to fail is too high.

Frankly speaking, such statements are just partly right. For instance, the social media apps ideas segment is very stable and seems difficult for newcomers. However, the infamous TikTok case has shown, that there is no such thing as impossible. In other words, the success of startup app ideas depends not on the market indicators but on the quality of the final product, algorithms, and other solutions, they use.

Clearly, various metrics and statistics are essential to understand the current situation in a specific field. Nevertheless, they are not the ones, which should define whether it is worth developing your app, or not. To make it simple, they are should not frighten the developers. Instead, use them for your own good, in order to better understand your rivals and the needs of the potential audience.

Any startup starts with an idea, and if we were so obsessed with embodying only unique and unexisting app ideas, we would not have most of the modern things, that surround us everywhere. Some may say, that you should not invent the wheel. We say: if it is a great product - then do so! To rephrase it, any project's success depends not on its originality but on the final result, and how good the final product will be. Thus, let’s consider some trends to consider in 2023.

First of all, before we actually get to considering potential app ideas to develop this year, we would like to state once more that it is just a list of ideas, not a must-have record, which must be fully adhered to succeed. In case, your ideas are not presented in this list, it doesn't mean, that you should abandon them. Instead, try to figure out what to take into account before developing them, what is your target audience, what expectations it has, etc.

Blockchain-Based Applications

One of the most well-known trends of recent years is blockchain technology. Frankly speaking, the number of different examples of such technology implementation is surprisingly big. One of the most popular examples of such apps is cryptocurrency platforms, yet do not forget that crypto is not the only representation of blockchain.

Apart from cryptocurrency, we can name also Smart Contracts, or the possibility to use blockchain as one of the built-in key features, which can help to improve the security of an app or extend its functionality. For example, you can consider the possibility to secure patient data with the use of Blockchain solutions. Still, truth to be told, it may be a tough task, due to the fact, that there are still no clear regulations or legal recognition of such technologies on the legal level.

Anyway, despite all possible drawbacks of such apps that should exist, it is hard to argue the fact that this type of app is in great demand and the field of Blockchain and crypto technologies keeps increasing and improving, so it may be a brilliant app idea to develop, in case you have some extra ideas on how to use such functionality in your future application.

AI-Powered Applications

Another obvious trend, that gained impressive popularity these days is the use of artificial intelligence for various purposes within the applications.

As a matter of fact, it may be difficult from the technical perspective to, let’s say, use artificial intelligence in mobile application ideas. Yet, on the other hand, the wide range of various web apps, which use AI-powered features and functionality keeps increasing. For instance, most online applications are already proposing some AI services. To add some more, recent deal-breakers like ChatGPT or MidJourney are open-source, i.e. you can get approval from their creators to use a ready-to-use product in your own applications.

In other words, one of the major tendencies of 2023 is the possibility to use such complex technological solutions as AI, without the need to develop them on your own. As a result, it is possible to predict, that the number of various virtual assistants will extend soon.

Apps that Should Exist in the Future

So, now we understand the main trends in application development. But how they will affect the app ideas to develop, and what about more precise examples of such app ideas?

Virtual Assistant App Ideas

It seems, that new app ideas are hard to categorize in the industry. Instead, these are mostly concepts, which can be adjusted to specific application categories or even platform requirements.

One such application concept is a virtual assistant app. Previously, most virtual assistants were created by different tech giants like Siri from Apple or Amazon’s Alexa, who had enough resources to develop and train such advanced features, making them usable. Fortunately, the emergence of open-source artificial intelligence allows such app ideas to develop even with limited resources, which is a common occurrence for startups like VoiceOrder.AI.

As a result, this type of application should be considered as a possible startup idea, worth implementing. The details of the potential virtual assistant applications can vary, depending on the goals and interests of the developers. For instance, it can be an all-in-one solution, just like Wikipedia on demand. Yet, we believe, that making it more specific and adjusting to an exact field might be a preferable approach.

Just imagine having your own AI-powered lawyer on your phone, which has deep knowledge and awareness of different laws, or can help your users to calculate the taxes and fill in different forms and documents for you. To rephrase it, virtual assistants, empowered with AI and familiar with specific industries or fields can be a great mobile app development idea.

Social Media App Ideas to Develop

Previously, we mentioned this type of application for a reason. Frankly speaking, it is hard to name new such successful solutions in this field, because the awareness and popularity of these applications are one of the main goals and metrics.

However, the foregoing trends among app ideas to develop are significantly improving the possibilities to succeed in this field as a startup. As in the case of virtual assistants, most modern social media applications require a lot of resources, which are not always limited exclusively to the development process. It also requires resources for maintaining, advertising, etc.

For instance, a great example of web2 vs web3 app opposition is decentralized social media networks. Alternatively, to traditional social media app ideas like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, where the provider of such social networks has their own guidelines and rules for users, limiting some statements or actions within the app, decentralized social networks like Diaspora or Minds provide their users with the freedom and propagandizing true democratic solutions for the management of the network and improved user experience.

Additionally, the Blockchain-driven architecture can support internal payments or other transactions between users. In other words, imagine an Instagram, but it is an NFT-based network, where potential users can not only show their own creativity but monetize it, avoiding advertisement. This can become possible thanks to the recent blockchain technologies.

Eventually, open-sourced AI can be used as an instrument to manage the activity of the users and make more personalized and precise algorithms of content display, that will be based on the preferences of each individual user.

Traditional Apps Worth Development

Frankly speaking, it is not obligatory to develop applications according to recent development trends. Clearly, it is a preferable, yet optional approach. However, including the trends won’t guarantee the success of your app. So, it is also worth considering some more traditional ideas for startup apps, which can also be in high demand.

  • Different delivery apps were always a low-risk solution. Clearly, there will always be a demand for different delivery services both for business owners and regular clients. Therefore, it might be a great idea to develop an app, which will provide the required services for both categories of audiences. However, this type of application requires offline activities as well. For instance, you will need to figure out how to set up the delivery process.
  • Another example of mobile app ideas is personal financial applications. Contrary to the previous case, the personal financial assistant app can be a completely digital product, which helps to better manage users’ finances, by categorizing and analyzing spending, providing the users with the final statistics.
  • eCommerce application is one of the greatest web app ideas. Creating such a platform is a relatively easy task, which will always be in demand and can reach a huge audience. Moreover, it doesn’t actually require extra activities apart from software development, unlike delivery apps, which require setting up the logistics. Yet, to be more competitive and develop a better product, you might be interested in other less digital processes.
  • A freelance platform is also a great web app idea. In this case, you will need to create a convenient environment for the employers and employees, providing them with various instruments for better interaction and networking.

How to Develop an App Idea?

Eventually, let’s suppose you already have a concept. So, how to develop an app idea? Frankly speaking, after your conceptualizing stage is done, it is time to plan your software development process.

When you have decided on an app idea, before its implementation, you will need to examine some existing apps examples of such applications, to define the required tech stack and hire a dedicated team, that will match your requirements and will be able to work with your tech stack.

On the one hand, it doesn’t matter for your development whether you are going to use outsourced dedicated teams or in-house developers. Yet, judging from our experience, hiring an outsourcing team is a win-win strategy for startup app ideas thanks to the cost-saving and large talent pool, compared to in-house teams.

Additionally, it is worth considering an MVP approach, which will give you a chance to test your concept and find out its strengths and weaknesses with minimal investments, avoiding unwanted extra spending.

Alternatively, if you are doubtful about all the foregoing steps and various processes like estimation, choosing the correct tech stack, or hiring developers, you should consider outsourcing them. Actually, all these practices are commonly proposed by outsourcing companies. For a better illustration, you can consider our experience and case studies before contacting us, to better understand all the benefits of cooperating with Incora.

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