DevOps as a Service

Working in parallel with the development itself, DevOps processes streamline and automate all of your IT operations. This service’s functioning depends on the initial configurations, which require full acknowledgment of the idea.


Why do you need DevOps?


Agile and fast deployment is ensured.

Quicker and far more regular revisions as well as improvements will not only please your clients but will also make your business distinguish in a crowded industry. Structured processes will lead to the sooner deployment of the product.


Transparent improvement of the product quality.

Interaction among management and deployment departments, as well as the continuous acquisition of feedback, results in a considerable enhancement in product quality. DevOps enables to dosage the tasks on different stages: build, test, release, deploy. Such an approach allows better scaling and transparent monitoring of all phases.


Stabilized workflow through the pipeline.

With DevOps methodology, you can improve your work environment by taking a consistent and well-balanced approach to operations. With stabilized workflow, you can integrate updates or implement new functionality under strong guidance.

Pros of our Development Team


We know how to adapt development and technologies to the relevant market.


Top 10% Ukrainian tech specialists are working at Incora.


Incora's developers are open to direct communication and management.


All our team members are certified with B2 English level and are used to multinational teams.


We value legal guarantees for both sides by signing up for NDA and other agreements.

Why trust us?

Experts to choose from
Years of experience
Projects successfully delivered
Nice-experienced developers
Our Tech Stack

How to choose between Team Extension Service & Dedicated Team?

Team ExtensionDedicated Team
  • With the extended team approach, your current workforce is supplemented. They will have to follow the systems, resources, and processes already used by the internal team.
  • If you are low on employees and are also dealing with a deadline that is pressing, expanding your team is also a great solution.
  • As your internal team doesn’t need to be replaced, extended teams are significantly less expensive and more cost-effective overall. This may significantly increase productivity while also keeping your spending in check.
  • Hiring an extended development team fits if you don’t have the necessary internal resources and no specialists on hand.

Our devops service for…


Fresh ideas

Complex projects

Sophisticated functionality

Large team

Workflow set-up



Requirements establishment

First, we discuss your goals, ways, and means of development, along with figuring out the product details. This way we could better estimate what you need on the ongoing stage and which DevOps pipeline would bring the major value.



Project estimation

At this stage we define the details of the process, determine technical documentation which includes the decision on the most appropriate Agile methodology as well as DevOps pipeline components.



Continuing development for a solid outcome

When the previous stages are passed, you get a development plan with all the necessary details outlined. Usually, DevOps service is provided by our company as a part of the software development, because the result would be better if those 2 processes are going precisely in parallel.

Scale your team with us

Access top relevant candidates

Fill in gaps in your development team

Delegate Management & HR

Create a Competitive Product

Our Cases



Widget for verifying customer’s information

It is a widget that provides identity verification system, which can be easily set up on every website.


Amazon EC2
Amazon Web Services
case image


What exactly is DevOps?

DevOps is a software engineering practice methodology that brings together software development and operations teams to produce continuous and rapid product deployments.

What are the most difficult aspects of implementing DevOps?

Why do I need DevOps?

Is it possible to create software without DevOps?

What tools do you need to establish DevOps?

Get everything you need for the project initiation.

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