Why choose Angular for your development?

January 31, 2022 • 815 Views • 7 min read

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The Angular framework has long been regarded as the major frontend tool by professional developers due to its versatility and ability to merge business logic with features. It remains one of the most popular software development technologies, with a variety of characteristics that aid in the scaling, optimization, and speeding up of online platforms. It is employed in the development of online, desktop, and mobile apps.

Angular is known for its robustness, platform independence, and browser support. Currently, it is rendered in all major browsers and has significant support from Google, which frequently releases new updates adding new features to enhance the user experience. But what else? Why this framework is the one you should choose? Let's look at some of the numerous reasons why Angular is a formidable competitor to the various front-end frameworks on the market.

Frequent Versions Update

Since 2009, when Angular was launched by Google, different updates were continuously released. The first version of Angular.js has been greatly modified since the first release. For example, the updated version enables the development of high-performing progressive web applications, which can work both online and offline. Moreover, with each new version more updates were made: virtual scrolling, drag and drop, software performance, and, of course, stylistic enhancements.

Support Of Single Page Applications

Angular enables the building of scalable and flexible Single Page Applications (SPA), that can use HTML as a template language. SPA is a type of web application that load a single HTML page, which is dynamically updated. SPAs provide a better user experience because they don’t require refreshing the full webpage to communicate with the back-end servers. Besides, it has server-side rendering features that help with SEO. It also speeds up the loading of the initial page and improves the performance of the website on mobile and low-powered devices.

Benefits Of Two-Way Data Binding

Data-binding helps to avoid numerous lines of boilerplate code, so the developer can focus on the application. The main advantage of two-way data binding is that it allows for more or less automatic updates to (and queries from) the core data repository. This includes removing a lot of logic from the front-end display code, which helps the UI to get an immediate update every time the data store is changed. The whole process is implemented using the ngModel directive.

Such data binding is making Angular level up compared to other popular front-end frameworks like React.

Code Reusability And Lazy-Loading In Angular

In Angular, the code is organized into modules. The application’s code in Angular is divided into several reusable modules, which are combined with each other. With modules, the code can be kept organized and properly maintained. One of the biggest advantages of modularity is lazy-loading when one or few application features can be loaded on demand. Because of Angular's component-based structure, components are largely reusable throughout the program. Moving pieces can be used to create a UI while maintaining a seamless development process for developers.

Angular is perfect for building interactive elements and components of a website. It supports MVC (Model View Controller) architecture which helps developers to structure the source code effortlessly without writing the MVC pipeline. Because it reduces the need for extraneous code, Angular enables easy development. Overall, developers may expect less coding, as well as lighter and speedier programs.

Easy Integration

Angular enables easy integration of third-party features. You can use such frameworks as Ionic, Telerik’s Kendo UI, and Wijmo to add different user interface components quickly.

Or there is also Angular CLI, which may be enhanced with third-party libraries to handle odd and complicated software issues, in addition to its robust built-in features.

Testable Code

Every codebase is reliant on well-written and consistent code. Inconsistent coding increases the chances of delayed launches and higher costs. On the other side, consistent coding makes it easier for you to utilize your website, and the availability of templates and pre-defined code snippets is a huge plus.

The Angular framework is built on components that all start out in the same way. These components are simple, independent interface parts that make unit testing considerably easier.

Cross Platform Usage

Angular with TypeScript is considered the most dynamic way of developing web applications of different sizes that can run in any advanced web browser and on mobile platforms. To improve developers’ experience such features as API Client, Routing, Filters, Content Sanitization, and Animations were introduced.

Angular is also used to develop desktop applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Popularity in Software Development Circles

The usage of Angular is undoubtedly large-scale if measured by the platforms developed on it. Total live websites, that were made using Angular are encountering 103 thousand. Among those are the worldwide known sites and software like The Guardian, PayPal, Upwork, Freelancer, Lego, Netflix, iStock Photo, YouTube for PS3, JetBlue, Vevo, and Mallzee. This is a major reason to consider adding Angular to your tech stack.


Due to the fact that Angular is supported both by Google and a massive open community, we predict that its features will get constant improvement every few months when a new version appears. Our Incora developers are experienced in Angular multiple versions, which are used on numerous projects. We hope that now you have no doubts about the potential use of the Angular framework and its benefits for development.

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