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How Tetiana and Bohdan, the two passionate developers, brought their dream venture, Incora, into reality is an interesting story; read it out in the words of Bohdan Vasylkiv, the CEO and Co-Founder of Incora.


Little bit about Incora

As a custom software development company established in 2015, Incora is delivering successful projects to its clients across the world. The company is experienced in developing extraordinary software solutions for absolute business optimization utilizing the most progressive technologies such as JavaScript (AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS), TypeScript, Python (Django, Flask), React Native/Ionic (for mobile applications), and Databases - MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Bohdan Vasylkiv, the CEO and Co-Founder of Incora, discussed how the company was formed and what their role as founder members is.

Bohdan shares that Incora specifically works for custom software development projects and provides full cycle development services to help support their clients’ businesses. The company is specialized working on the EduTech, HealthTech, FinTech, eCommerce, and Delivery & Shipping related projects. The experienced Tech Stack in the company can easily adapt to any particular product and develop all the cases progressively.

Bohdan, as the CEO and Co-Founder of the company, defines the strategy of development, maintains the company's professional growth, and oversees the achievement of the milestones to thoroughly generate the elaborated outcomes for their clients.

How it all started?

While asked about how Incora was established, he gladly introduced the co-founder of his company Tetiana Stoyko, informing us that both of them have similar contributions towards the establishment of this firm. He adds that seven years ago he and his associate Tetiana were working as mere developers in a firm. They just had a few thousand dollars in their accounts and a huge desire to start their own venture rather than just delivering more than just small freelance work. They finally made a decision after gathering courage, engaging two more developers and collecting all of their savings to help join hands with a few of their clients as a company. Then came up ‘Incora’ which is steadily growing today with a strong portfolio and an appreciable client base.

How is it going for us?

From the past 8 years, Incora is working diligently towards building a great team and generating referrals with positive reviews. Till date, the team is expanding, skill sets are improved, and the tech stake is set to fulfil ambitious targets. We believe in ‘Labor Omnia Vincit' (eng: Hard work conquers all), and we’ve proved that, Bohdan asserts.

Incora's Extra Value

While asked about the business model of the company, Bohdan clarified that the company works on the outsourcing and outstaffing business models. He adds that on one hand, his team members provide full cycle development services to their clients covering all the processes from start to finish and on the other side, they act as the supplement of the existing clients. This helped them understand what clients needed and reassured them that they would provide the highest possible results.

Bohdan specifies why Incora is different as well as more special than its other counterparts. The company provides expert services not just in the development sector, but also in explicit fields. This approach creates greater outcomes for the clients. It aims at collaborating for long-term projects with regularly arranging work trips all over the world, visiting current and future clients face-to-face and planning collaborative efforts for the growth of the company as well as the clients. The company takes the projects responsibly and utilizes the human-centric approach towards the fulfilment of the projects. It also fulfils its social mission as an IT company by giving lectures at one of Ukraine's most prestigious and qualified universities, Lviv Franko University, where experiences are shared with young minds and the most talented and diligent minds are invited to join the team, which is known for its strong algorithmic and technical proficiency.

Industry Collaborations

When asked about the most prominent industries the company caters to, Bohdan assures the Incora definitely olds some collaborations, especially with some of the partners that include development of certain app projects, or they are looking for some project expansion. The top three industries to which Incora gets most of the repetitive clients are FinTech, Healthtech, and EduTech industries.

Bohdan clears that the company is mostly reached by the clients for full cycle development service. It covers mobile app development, the QA stage, DevOps specialists service, and continuous support even after the production. The team extension and integration of the team members into the project environment is the next service in the row that is offered at Incora. The company is ranked as a top devops consulting service providing company in Ukraine in the GoodFirms ranking list.

Our Way of Checking the Quality

Incora values its customers and gathers regular feedback from them. It lets the company evaluate its performance towards the customers by conducting regular surveys once in a month and detailed polls every quarter. The project managers in the company also monitor the processes every day to keep everything under control. The company is always ready to apply changes as well as embrace different queries. Here, flexibility matters a lot because different projects need different levels of support facilities. So, clients can freely share with the company about the support system they need. The client review displayed below is proof how efficiently Incora serves its customers and values them.


How to keep growing?

As Incora CEO agrees that agility is essential in the field of development, the company finds it feasible to follow the Time & Material model charging hourly payments. However, the payment structure followed in the company basically relies on the project’s type, estimation, its sprints, and many other criteria.

Though the company offers initial basic budget requirements, the company never overlooks the possible future cases. Instead, it always looks to acquire clients whose products are challenging as well as forward looking at the same time. However, these products should essentially run for 3 to 4 months for the payment of 30 thousand dollars.

During 2021, the diversified products from Incora delivered in the price range from $30,000 to $700,000. These products vary due to diversification in their services, spheres, durations, and team members.

According to Incora's CEO, the company has significantly maintained the growth tendency from the past few years and expects it to expand constantly. Incora is successfully reaching a milestone of 1,000 team members. It seeks towards expanding its client base and portfolio with considerable clients. It has started taking part in more social activities organized on the local as well as international level. He concludes the interview by stressing on the company's focus over increasingly active partnership-building, advancement of Incora IT School, starting more offices in Ukraine and abroad.

Summing Up

This is the excerpt from the detailed interview of Bohdan Vasylkiv - the CEO and Founder of Incora, taken by GoodFirms.

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