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We are fully aware that the development is not just about code quality. The preparatory phase is addressing the result even more so. As our Incora team strives to provide you with the high performance of your bold ideas, we are going to deal with pre-development in greater detail.


Why do you need a Discovery phase?


Clear vision ensures targeted focus.

Defining your focus in the market is going to influence all subsequent decisions throughout the product life cycle. To succeed, you need to make sure your product idea is going to address your target’s needs, so that you offer them a reliable solution. This would be a core of your vision, so let us discover the market beforehand.


Planned context reduces costly and unnecessary mistakes.

In the discovery phase, we identify the ins and outs of your project’s workflow and functionality as well: which tech stack to choose, features to add, architecture to build. These choices are the ones that will become a cost-effective solution, in order to save you from irrelevant components and pitfalls.


Accurate estimation conserves expenses.

Since during the discovery phase you get an estimation outlook, with all the process and functionality parts included, this will enhance your budget planning. The direct relation here highlights the ultimate goal of the preparation - to anticipate the time and cost for the full-cycle product development.

Our discovery phase solution for...

Starting Bold Ideas

Projects with ​​Several Stakeholders

Long-term Planning

Cost-Effective Solutions

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Workflow set-up



Idea Examination

First, we set up a call with all stakeholders in order to define goals, objectives and preferable methods. At this stage we need to clearly identify the vision of the future software in order to deliver efficient results by aligning expectations and deadlines.



Business Analysis

Together with you, we create ICP (Ideal Customer Persona) by specifying the needs and image of the target audience. Then, we conduct market research, exploring competitors' offers in parallel.



Project Estimation

Relying on previous examinations, we generate the features necessary to target. By combining them altogether we determine the scope of work. The next thing to do is to estimate the development time needed for each sprint on the backend and frontend. And with this data we calculate the time and cost of the idea.



Technical Documentation

Lastly, all the gathered information goes to the technical documentation, including architecture schemes, DevOps services overview, Agile methodology and technologies’ list. This documentation then serves as a basis for the development start.


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How long does it take to undertake the Discovery phase?

Surely the time frame depends on the complexity of the project. But considering our expertise we might say that it takes up to 2 weeks in average to fulfill the Discovery phase.

Which team members should be involved in the Discovery phase?

How long should a Discovery phase last?

What are the deliverables of this service?

Is the discovery phase better for the start of the development?

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